Life Update: Where Have I Been?

Life sure has been a whirlwind lately and I have been MIA from the blog. Between, doctors appointments, work, house-hunting, a baby shower, and a car accident, the last few weeks have passed by in a blur and I find it difficult to catch my breath! My pregnancy brain has been in overdrive and I have missed two appointments in the past week because I simply forgot. So that’s about where I have been lately. So today is a catch up day on all that has been happening! Also we hit 34 weeks today so YAY! 

House-hunting when your pregnant is not ideal. There’s already this deep nesting urge to get things ready for your little one and adding on the potential of moving can really add the pressure. Russell and I have been house hunting since May and have seen 2 properties that we loved. Unfortunately the first wasn’t eligible due to some damage in a bedroom that would not be covered by a mortgage and the seller wasn’t willing to fix. This of course took several weeks of waiting to discover. The second property we fell in love with and even put an offer on, closed with another buyer. This too took several weeks of waiting as the other buyer went through inspections and the appraisal process. Waiting for news on this property just about killed me. When we finally heard that the other seller had closed, even though I was disappointed, I was really just mostly relieved to have an answer. So Russell and I discussed it and decided that we would settle into our rental for the winter and start the process again in the Spring.  Then we got an unexpected call from our realtor about a property that had just been put on the market and she wanted us to be the first to see it! We saw it and needless to say, it far exceeded everything else we have seen. We are keeping our fingers crossed as we start the offering process! Perhaps we’ll be in a new home before Olivers arrival! 


My baby shower was one of the most fun things I have experienced during my pregnancy! My mama outdid herself and threw the sweetest “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” themed baby shower. The décor was divine and the games were a lot of fun! Of course we were spoiled with more gifts than I can count and felt overwhelmed by all the love we were shown that day! The food was oh so yummy and the cake was delicious. Everyone said they had the best time as we laughed and enjoyed the cool breeze together. I am oh so thankful for my beautiful Mama who planned every detail, giving me the loveliest first baby shower. 



Just after I left my baby shower, I was traveling through town when a woman ran a stop sign causing the man in front of me to slam on his brakes. I tried to stop but wasn’t able to and slammed into the back of him. Thankfully, although the other airbag deployed, the steering wheel did not, keeping Oliver safe and cozy in his little space. As a precaution, I went to the hospital and was monitored for 6 hours on the OB floor. I was then moved to the ER to be checked out as I had some bruising on my legs from the airbag, and bruising on my chest and under my belly from the seatbelt. Thankfully, although bruised and sore, I was okay! I can’t tell you the fear I felt until I heard my precious boys heart beat and felt him kicking against that fetal monitor, (he hates it.)  Even though it was very scary and caused a good bit of chaos, I am so grateful things were not worse that day, as they very easily could have been.


In all this madness, I have also celebrated my sister-in-laws impending nuptials by celebrating her at her bridal shower and celebrating my sweet friend Tabi who is due just 5 days before me with her little Emerson. Sometimes life just sweeps you up and it seems to fly by but I am trying to treasure these last few weeks of pregnancy before our little guy is here!

How is the end of your summer going? Has it been as hectic as mine? 🙂






*Thank you to our wonderful photographer for the beautiful featured image. Check her out at Precious Memories Photography. She’s incredible!!

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