2nd trimester recap

I can’t believe I am already in the beginning of my third trimester. Time seems to be flying and I only have 12 weeks before this little guy joins our world. So lets take a look back at my second trimester. 

16 Weeks
16 weeks


My hyperemesis raged until about 22 weeks. I began getting hungrier but still wasn’t able to keep much down until about 5 weeks ago. However, it did slow down at the beginning of 21 weeks. I was throwing up maybe 1-2 times a day compared to 8-10 times a day and that in itself was quite a relief! By the end of the second trimester, I wasn’t throwing up at all. Now I am having the opposite problem. I get sick if I don’t eat as soon as I’m hungry! It’s a good problem to have after losing so much weight and never being able to eat. I think I gained about 4-5 pounds during my second trimester and that was a victory as I finally started seeing those numbers go up!

Even as sick as I was, I still craved food. Mostly plain pringles, chicken salad, apples, corn and frosted flakes, the most random combination I know but it’s true! I’ve never had a taste for apples or corn but now I can’t get enough! I also love sweets but sometimes can’t find just what I am looking for. I have found that sweet-tarts are about the only thing that satisfies that sweet tooth craving for some odd reason. Once my hyperemesis began subsiding, I indulged all my cravings and ate whatever struck my fancy. You wouldn’t believe how ravenous you can feel after 4+ months of little food actually sticking to your bones!


Aches and Pains

Up until late in my second trimester, I didn’t have to many aches and pains, thankfully. I do have two slipped discs in my lower back which have caused quite a bit of discomfort throughout my pregnancy but I expected that and planned with my doctor and chiropractor for treatment. It wasn’t until about 24 weeks that I began experiencing that round ligament pain they talk about. It’s uncomfortable and not much fun! Oliver also likes to stick his feet up in my rib cage and kick, causing some intense pain in my ribcage. Sometimes, I’ll push on him till he moves out of my ribs but he usually ends up back in there so I’ve mostly given up. 



Oliver more than doubled his size and weight between weeks 13-26. I started feeling him move right around 22 weeks. This was due to having an anterior placenta so I couldn’t feel him as early as most mamas do. Now he moves all the time, usually at night when I lay down to sleep and sometimes he wakes me up kicking and wiggling around. While I love feeling him move and get concerned when I don’t, it still kind of freaks me out. I hope this is a normal reaction because it’s one I sure feel. Russell can feel him too and now Oliver recognizes and distinguishes between our voices!

Creating a life is a miracle in itself and I have loved every hard, beautiful moment. I can’t wait to meet this baby boy and see who he’s going to become. I am already in love with him and can’t wait to see his precious little face, hold his tiny hands and feel his little toes wriggle. Now I feel that pressure to have all of his little things ready for his arrival and nesting has settled in. I have entered my favorite stage of pregnancy and can’t believe how quickly it’s all passing by.

27 Weeks 2
27 weeks

What were your favorite moments of pregnancy? Did your little one come early? I’d love to hear which trimester was your favorite! 







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