Our Wedding Day: A Look Back

A girl’s wedding day is said to be the most special day of her life. This was especially true for me because unlike most girls, I didn’t go to homecoming, prom, or anything like that so my wedding day was all of those special events rolled into one! I planned for well over a year getting every detail right and our day was absolutely magical, in spite of the little mishaps. I’m going to overwhelm you with photos now as I reminisce on that enchanted day. 


We had an absolutely stunning location for our wedding. Since I live in a small town, most people get married in churches but I really wanted to get married outside and have the reception inside. The Green Valley Gathering Place was the absolute perfect place for our wedding day. They provide a beautiful venue, a wide range of rental options, and wonderful client care. If you would like to know more, check out their Facebook page here.


We had the best bridal party ever that included mostly brothers and sisters and a couple of very close friends. They were helpful, supportive, and completed our day. Each one of them means so much to us and we felt so blessed that they agreed to share our memories with us. 


Of course our families were tremendous during this whole experience! They helped set up, tear down and offered emotional support through the overwhelming moments. They danced and celebrated with us late into the evening and then cleaned up without any complaints after Russell and I left. Great thing about being the bride and groom? You don’t have to stay for the messy part of cleanup! 😉 


Some of my favorite moments were spread throughout the day, the first being the look on my grandmothers face when she saw me ready. I’ve always been very close to my Grams and at 80, we never know how much longer she’ll be with us so having here there meant more than I could ever put into words. She was so very sweet when seeing me for the first time and continuously told me how beautiful I looked. One of the other very special moments was dancing with my father-in-law. My own daddy chose not to dance for personal reasons and Mike stepped in and danced with me. I look up to him so much and it meant the world that he was willing to be a part of that for me. 


Of course nothing is like the moment before I walked down the aisle. Holding onto my daddy’s arm I began crying. “Are you okay? Are you nervous?” Daddy asked concerned. “No I’m just anxious to get out there to him.” As soon as I saw him, I couldn’t stop my smile and nothing compares to the feeling that rushed through me in that moment. I held his hands as we promised each other forever in the form of personal vows. I swore to love him, be his soft place to land, and let him name our third daughter Daenerys. That first kiss as husband and wife was filled with more love than can even be comprehended and I felt joy in my soul at the sound of “Mr. & Mrs. Dennison.”


A special thanks to my cousin and wonderful photographer for capturing these stunning images of our day. Photos were always the most important aspect to me and he captured it beautifully!


Some of my favorite candid’s caught by friends and family: Russell’s response to my vows, dancing with kidos, a few moments we took together away from everyone in the gazebo, and the hilarious snapshot of me with my bridesmaids. 

Our day was filled with love, laughter and good food (a pizza bar!) We danced, cried, and celebrated. Even though my zipper broke when I went to the restroom and I had to be zipped back into my gown with a pair of pliers and the top of my dress came completely down during our first dance, (literally no coverage, insert shocked emoji face here) thankfully I was able to alert Russell before I was exposed to all of our guests. It was literally the best day of my life and I cannot imagine spending forever with anyone else but this beautiful man I call my husband. Happy 1 year anniversary darling. I consider it the highest honor to be your wife! 




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