5 things I look forward to most with Oliver

36904131_1831963086860446_7390506593101545472_nAs many of you know by now, we are expecting a precious baby boy due in October. I must say, when I found out I was expecting a boy, I truly was in shock and had to cover my mouth to stifle my scream. I have 6 sisters, so you can imagine how excited I was we were expecting a little boy! Since that exciting moment, a million little dreams have run through my mind of all the wonderful things we’ll get to experience through the eyes of a little boy. Here are just a few that I most look forward to.


1. Fireworks. One of my favorite things in the world are fireworks. I look forward to them every new year and every fourth of July. I go to as many shows as I can and love each one of them, no matter how small! One of my favorite aspects of the fireworks is the wonder in little human’s voices as they experience the colorful explosions for the first time. I always make sure to sit in the thick of the crowd so I can be right in the middle of the excitement. I absolutely cannot wait to take Oliver and watch him take in the adventure of fireworks, even if he’s terrified the first or even few times he experiences them. Of course, I hope his love will develop for them as mine has!
2. Bath time. This has always been one of my favorite activities with little ones. There’s a certain joy that can only come from a tub of water, a rubber duck or two, and some bubbles. This is one of the most innocent times when a child can be just that, a child. I never cared if I got soaked with water in the process. Bath time is meant to be fun and before you know it, your little one will be doing it all by themselves!
3. Reading. Growing up, bed time was never unbearable because it’s when we’d cuddle up under our blankets as my daddy sat and read us stories. He used all the voices and made every book a magical experience. I want to do this with Oliver. Yes, tv and video games are fun, but the imagination is one of the most beautiful gifts we as humans have been given and I intend to encourage my little one to use it to its full extent.
4. Bed time. And not for the obvious reasons! Bed time is the last part of the day that you have left to cuddle and take in your precious baby. Before you know it, the next day will have arrived and he’ll be growing and changing with every moment. I want to stop and savor those moments, even if they are filled with arguments about another drink or if we can read just one more book. He’ll be grown in the blink of an eye and sleeping all day before 31564131_1745218252201597_1741734935034682532_nI know it!

5. Finally, I look forward to dirt, frogs, scraped knees, and all the things that make a little boy, a little boy. Now if he brings me a spider, the house might just end up in a pile of ash, but I’ve accepted that. All those messy moments are the ones I know I’ll look back on and treasure most because he was being himself, learning and growing and taking everything in.


I’m sure as time passes, there will be things that become my favorite that are not on my list. As Oliver grows and ages, this list will too. I am anxious to meet my little boy and the tiny man he will be. What are your favorite moments of childhood? What do you look forward to most with your little ones? Comment below and let me know!




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