A Letter to my son


Oliver Liam,

I can’t believe you have been in my belly for a full 6 months now. You are moving all the time, constantly reminding me of your presence! Already you have brought me so much joy and I haven’t even seen your face yet. The love I feel for you is indescribable. It’s something I feel so deeply in my soul I cannot even express it and I wonder if that’s how all mammas feel! I have such high hopes and beautiful dreams for your future and cannot wait to see you grow into the incredible human I believe you will be. Here are a few words for your future.

1. Pay attention when your daddy gives advice. He doesn’t dole it out often, but when he does, it’s important so listen up!

2. Respect women and learn from the way your daddy treats me. Always be kind, thoughtful and polite. Always protect the ladies in your life, whether it be a sister, aunt, grandma, cousin or even your own mama. Open their doors, smile, and treat them as equals in every circumstance. One of the truest ways to discern a man’s character is how he treats women, don’t abuse your privilege as a man.

3. Respect others, always! Even if they have a different opinion, are from a different social class or religion. The world is a hard place to be and we’re all here together so it’s important we treat each other with dignaty.

4. Never start a fight but always, always finish it! I cannot stress this enough. Violence is never a good choice, however there are times when it is simply un-avoidable. Never give out more than is necessary and always control your anger instead of the other way around.

5. Work hard. Never slack off from a job whether it’s taking out the trash, cleaning a car, working 40 hours a week or managing a business. A good work ethic is a beautiful thing and will take you farther than you can imagine.

6. Take care of your surroundings. This could be your room, your house, and especially the earth! Appreciate all the blessings you have been given and thank them by taking care of them.

7. Never lose your authenticity. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to be like someone else but then you will lose the magic of being you! Don’t forget there is only one you in the world and that is your superpower.

Finally, little man, laugh often, soak up every experience, and know you are surrounded by love now and always. Your father and I will be here to guide you, laugh with you, celebrate you, and remind you just how precious you are. Always remember where you came from, but never give up on your dreams for they are the very essence of you. Take pride in everything you do and show kindness at every opportunity.
I will always be here when you are sad, angry, confused or filled with joy! I will celebrate even the smallest victories with you and offer a shoulder when you feel you can’t go on. Never question my love for you sweet boy because it is unfathomable.


Your Mama


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